Charlene Bell

Charlene Bell
Charlene Bell, (M.A.)

Dr. Charlene Bell, Ph.D. is selected as our contributory tutor for the Inter-Testamental Period; the 400 year period between the biblical books of Malachi and Matthew.

We at Read The Bible 365 believe that reading and studying the word of God is not necessarily complete without learning about this period in time. We selected Charlene because she holds an immense knowledge on this subject.

Charlene holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership, and graduated Sigma Cum Laude with the Highest GPA in her graduating class from the Restoration Theological Seminary in Forest Park, Georgia. In completing this degree, Charlene submitted a 75 page thesis on the subject of the Inter-Testamental Period to which she received an A+ grade. She also holds a PHD in Biblical Counseling.L

In addition to her studies, Charlene wears many hats and crowns.  She is a member of the Epsilon Omega Gamma Christian Sorority under the banner of the Spirit of Esther Ministries, where she holds the title of Lady and is a Co-Chaperone leader of the Sorority’s McDonough Georgia Chapter.

Charlene is very active in pursuing her education in Christian studies.  She is also currently seeking God’s direction to start her own Ministry which will focus on teaching the word of God, which is her true passion and calling.

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