Get Started

Ready to take the plunge with us? Follow the instructions below to get started now:

  1. Order the BIBLE STUDY journaling guide books from, and if you prefer the e-book PDF version, get it here. Here’s a video about the books.

2.  Join our Public Facebook Page.  Joining this page keeps you up to date with all our Read The Bible 365 activities.  It also offers spiritual support, great deals, and even events.

3.  Join our Private Facebook Group.  This is critical as this is where you will join others to do the actual reading and studying of the entire bible.  Here is where you get full support for questions, encouragement, guidance, and even to impart your own understanding of the word.

4.  It’s great to follow Dr. Nancolas’ Page.  Follow her to keep you up to date on whatever she is up to in all her 4 ministries.  Receive teachings from her, check out all here events, and even prophetic utterance of what she receives from the Lord.

5.  To track your progress in your bible reading, we ask that you take tests and we issue digital badge(s) to you that recognize your achievements.  In order to receive a digital badge, please create a backpack account here: Create your OpenBadges Backpack account the email address used for this account must be used whenever you take each quiz.  If you earn a passing grade, we will issue you your digital badge to your backpack via this email address.

You may need to purchase some supplies such as pens and highlighters to write in the books, as well as a bible if you do not already have one.  Use any translation you like.  Or you can get access to bibles online or by using a bible app.

To see a list of all the supplies Dr. Nancolas uses, visit our store.