How it Works

Read and study the entire bible with us in 1 year. And it is our goal to see everyone, whether they are a Christian or not, participate in understanding the Holy book.

We have created a private facebook group where everyone will be able to receive support in this journey. Reading the bible may seem daunting even for the most intellectual of persons, but in spite of where you are intellectually, the book of God has keys to unlock its understanding and there are those who will guide you along the way should you need the help. We are not here to promote any denomination or religion, just simply reading the book and discussing it will put you wherever you feel the need to be, and we hope that it will be on the path that brings you closer to God.

The resources we pull from other bible study organizations and place in our program, will provide you with sound learning and understanding. We have proven that their contents do line up with God’s word and so we are confident that you will be building on firm foundation.

For 2022 we will use Zach Windahl’s THE BIBLE STUDY as our main study guide. It is a journaling guide that instructs you to focus on certain book/s of the bible in one week. At the end of each week it asks questions that you will answer and write in the book to ensure that you are understanding what you read. We have our own set of questions as well. Every week we will gather online to discuss the book of focus for that week. Study resources are also placed on our website where you’ll have access to whenever you need to.

We will also provide a commentary and outline of each book of the bible as we complete them. At times we will ask bible scholars who are proficient in certain book(s) of the bible to get on video or conference call and give a teaching summary on their area of expertise. These are interactive sessions which you will have the opportunity to ask questions or share your thoughts.

This is not a Bible College, we are simply providing support and as we read and understand the whole bible. Dr. Nancolas who is an avid teacher of the word today started from her reading the entire bible on her own, she believe this is key to building a personal relationship with Christ on. However, at the end of this journey, Read the Bible 365 wants to award you with a beautiful certificate of completion for your hard work, and if you so choose to, we can refer you to notable Bible Colleges should you feel you want to formalize and pursue your knowledge of the word of God. Additionally, as you progress, we will issue to you, up to a total of 12 digital badge certificates that marks each stage of your bible reading. Digital badges is a new way that learning institutions use to certify knowledge in any area of study. They are digital certificates.

To receive and store these digital badges from us, please create your free BadgR backpack account here, the email address you use with that account must be used to take all your tests. Having an online backpack, helps to organize and store all your badges in one location from us or anywhere that issues digital badges.

This program is free of cost, the only cost associated is to purchase the Study Guide books or the pdf e-book from Zach Windahl’s website at the Brand Sunday. You may choose to purchase bibles, pens, highlighters to enhance your journaling because some people do get really creative with the process, but you can optionally use bible apps which is just as effective and convenient seeing as we always carry around our gadgets with us. We will give recommendations on where to get all you will need.

Simply make a commitment to reading the required work each week and participate in our online exercises and you should be able to meet your goal of completion. As we are a support group, feel free to reach out for support. This is a year long journey and life sometimes happen and we may fall off the wagon, just let us know and we will help you if you need to catch up.

We look forward to taking this journey with you, we promise it will be as fun as it will be rewarding. To find out how to begin, please follow this link.